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OUR MISSION AT Healthy Harmony is to be a holistic well-being service in Tenerife, which works in partnership with clients to achieve and sustain their individual maximum, emotional, physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.


To ensure we can provide the highest standards of practice we have trained at Hammersmith Hospital (Richdales Institute) to obtain the International recognized CNHC (ITEC) and FHT qualifications.


Knowing we have these qualifications, you can be guaranteed the standards of service you will receive as we have been properly trained, qualified and understand the theory and practice.


As members of professional bodies, all therapists at Healthy Harmony are qualified and adhere to strict ethics and standards, keeping up to date with ongoing learning.


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After 32 years in Social Work, often working 60+ hours a week, I began to notice that when I stopped work and had a break I felt unwell and was more likely to have a migraine. This was clearly not how I should be functioning and I felt I was spiralling out of control. Rather than take any form of medication, I started to look into complimentary therapies.

To cut a long story short, although sceptical, I decided to attend a 3 day Reiki event in the hope of regaining a sense of perspective. (At this point I had no concept of the idea of balance).

Following this event, (which I was relived was not based upon any religion or delivered in a “way out manner”) I immediately felt a difference and had begun to achieve a sense of what I now know is balance.

Friends were amazed that my stress levels significantly reduced, my Migraines ceased and I felt as if I was now on the same planet as everyone else!

There was no rocket science behind my Reiki experience, I now was enlightened to the importance of balance and how to harness energy….in very simple terms.

In recognising that I had the potential to maintain my own well-being and be proactive in this undertaking and rather than wait until I was unwell to do something about it, I decided to learn other holistic practices that would also support this approach.

To this end I have now become a Reflexologist, Indian Head Therapist and have the privileged of being a Reiki Master.

I am passionate in the belief that everyone equally has the capacity to sustain balance and maintain their well-being.



I have been lucky enough to have a varied career, having been a Tour Rep, Nanny and for 20 years + as a specialist Police officer. Throughout my life I have been a keen Sports woman and having competed in Squash tournaments, Long distance running competitions including the London Marathon and participated in the “X-Zone” (multiple discipline event to find the fittest woman in Britain) and other similar events.

I am a fully qualified Fitness and Boxercise instructor.

Although I attempt to maintain my sporting ability & fitness, as I age, along with gravity being a challenge, I have experienced that prevention is much less debilitating and frustrating, than the journey of trying to heal. However, when injuries occur it is essential to receive the right intervention in a timely way with an individualised comprehensive treatment plan.

Additionally, I have identified, that my being healthy does not only encompass my fitness but how I think, feel and internalise the day to day stresses and juggle of life.

To this end, I decided to not just “talk the talk” but “walk the walk’ and took the decision to live the life I wanted, rather than living for work.

I have undertaken a journey of discovery having combined my previous passion for fitness with a much more holistic approach by incorporating complimentary therapies.

I now feel confident and capable, following extensive training to bring these services to others, so they can equally have a holistic approach.

I keep up my detective skills by now going beyond the symptom initially presented to look for any hidden difficulties which may not be obvious.

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