Reflexology in Tenerife

Reflexology in Tenerife

Why you should try Reflexology

It is well known that Complementary Therapies are hugely beneficial, but unless you have direct experience of having undertaken one of the many therapies how can you be really sure?

Increasingly there is scientific evidence that supports the impact of maintaining the balance of the bodies systems including emotional, psychological and physical.  Leading authorities including the Federation of Holistic Therapies and those that have benefited – including HRH Prince Charles are encouraging people to look after their Holistic Well Being.

The attached article taken from January 2017 Natural Health magazine  ‘Why you should try Reflexology’ provides details of the benefits and direct feedback from someone who has had experience.

Don’t just take our word for it at Healthy Harmony Tenerife…Click on the link below (this will open in a new web page)

In addition, Read our blog on “Going Beyond Medicine” which directs you to a short video from HRH Prince Charles.

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