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Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology
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Fertility reflexology


Becoming pregnant isn’t always as easy for some people as is it for others. Sub-fertility or infertility are terms often used if conception has not naturally occurred after 12 months of trying without using any form of contraception.

Although occasionally this can be due to a medical reason, more often than not this is because of an imbalance in the body usually hormonal or due to the impact of the stress and strains of life and the individual’s lifestyle including anxiety, poor diet, working long hours and stress. All of these have a negative effect on how the body maintains its balance which is known as “equilibrium”.

As with Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology seeks to re balance the body, encourage the body to work more efficiently and unblock areas that may specifically promote the process, including reproductive organs and supporting systems.

Fertility is a definition that is applicable to both male and females and if you are in a partnership the treatments will be for both of you.

There is increasing research that shows that Fertility Reflexology can significantly increase the likelihood to conceive naturally.

Benefits of our Fertility Reflexology can include:

  • Increased likelihood of pregnancy
  • Rebalance of hormonal system
  • Decreasing stress, anxiety
  • Improved emotional well-being