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WaveStone Massage



Introducing the revolutionary new massage treatment using the WaveStone

The ‘Wavestone’ is a therapy tool that has change the way massage treatments are administered at Healthy Harmony. Having undergone over five years extensive design and development, it’s unique and ergonomic shape, replaces conventional massage tools. Carved by hand from solid Jade, and has the ability to retain extreme heat and cold temperatures

General benefits:

·       Stimulates the circulatory system and harnesses the power of Jade to promote self-healing
·       Softens and relaxes the muscles, using Far Infrared to pass heat smoothly into the body
·       Encourages the break down and release of toxins from the muscles
·       Helps relieve pain and muscle spasms

Provides a thoroughly relaxing massage using holistic techniques

But most importantly can treat specific conditions and injuries to assist in rehabilitation:

·       Achilles Tendonitis (ankle pain)
·       Adhesions
·       Cervical Sprain/Strain (neck pain)
·       Hamstring/Quad injuries
·       Iliotibial (IT) Band Syndrome
·       Lumbar Pain/Strain (lower back pain)

·       Medial/Lateral Epicondylitis (Golf/Tennis Elbow)
·       Muscle Spasms
·       Muscle Sprains and Strains
·       Plantar Fascitis (foot and arch pain)
·       Post-Surgical Scars

·       Reduced ROM (Range of Motion) due to Scar Tissue
·       Shin Splints
·       Soft Tissue Release
·       Tendonitis
·       Trigger Points