The Wizard of Oz Road to Health and Happiness

The Wizard of Oz Road to Health and Happiness

It can be argued that there are five keys to the fullest expression of who we are.

The first three keys relate to our physical, emotional and mental aspects, or our body, heart and mind. We are not just human beings, we are also human doings and human thinkings.

As physical beings, our wellbeing is influenced by our direct experience of life, which includes exercise, physiological, physical and nutritional aspects.

  • We are emotional and relational beings – how we feel and how we relate to others, whether we feel cherished, loved and valued all impact on the way we define ourselves and express who we are
  • We are sexual and sensual beings – that’s what makes life juicy!
  • We are intellectual beings, with access to wisdom and intuition

Finally, we are spiritual beings, one part of the wider environment and connected to the universe.

keys of connectedness

These are the five keys of connectedness. It is only when we hold each of these keys that we can live a fully realised, optimally healthy life.

The Wizard of Oz is a great example.
As Dorothy walks along the Yellow Brick Road, the fact that she is out of balance is represented by the Lion who has no courage. the Tinman who has no heart; he cannot relate to himself or others, while the Scarecrow who has no brain represents an inability to function. As Dorothy faces up to her demons, in the shape of the witches, she becomes more balanced – more connected. Each of us has our own Yellow Brick road to follow.

So how can we achieve connectedness and how do we make sure we hold all keys?

Perhaps firstly is to question if life is a matter of chance and we are just the end product of selfish genes programmed for the survival of the fittest. Consciousness regarded as only a trick of the brain.

In our humble opinion for our own wellbeing, we must recognise that we are spiritual beings, not just a random sequence of molecular chances.

Generally, we need to keep fit but this doesn’t mean necessarily going to the gym – a good walk, swimming for examples are all gentle ways to keep pretty fit. There are of course millions of online sites giving advice on what the benefits are and suggesting exercises and activities


Taking care of nutrition of course again is important to maintaining our well being and helping our bodies keep balanced whilst reviving all the ingredients to thrive.

The aforementioned go some way to having the connectivity to these keys. But the BIG BUT is making sense of how we connected with nature and having a clear sense of purpose and a ‘spiritual’ outlook on life.

In short, people who tend to enjoy great health do so because they feel connected and hold all five keys.

True holistic medicine or therapy needs to address all five keys of connectedness, rather than concentrating on the purely physical.

At Healthy Harmony we do NOT see you as “patients” but “people”. We look at how we can help restore the balance of your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well being. We are able to draw upon a vast range of services to ensure we get what is right for the individual.

This may be for example drawing upon Reiki, sharing mindfulness or meditation or Re-balancing systems through Reflexology.

We don’t state to have all the answers, in contrast, we are great believers that with, guidance and encouragement, the individuals who come to us start to listen to their own inner wisdom and effectively with our ongoing support regain balance and keep hold of their five keys.

Remember – we just provide the tools; the client facilitates the change in their own health and wellbeing.

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